What does society expect from its teachers?

Fabulous question from cohort yesterday! What does society expect from its teachers? I believe that society expects teachers to be multi-dimensional. Teachers are responsible for educating the future, socializing them to fit into society, and preparing them to fit the role of active and participating citizens. Society expects compassion for their children, dedication to their success, and continuous commitment to their growth and development.

Society respects the role of the teacher as a professional and demands that professionalism be maintained outside the boundaries of school. Teachers are highly valued and respected within the community and therefore need to dress and act appropriately, as well as manage their online presence. Nothing is more important than preserving the respect of colleagues, students and parents and therefore teachers are expected to filter their lives accordingly.

Teachers make a tremendous impact on the lives of their students by fostering and developing their academic skills but are also expected to perform the duties of caregivers, psychologists, social workers, friends, and nurturers.

What does society expect from its teachers? Loyalty to their profession, commitment to thier students.


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    Looking forward to seeing the impact you will have on your students.

  2. Keep these thoughts in mind as you begin your internship program this week. Look for ways in which teachers demonstrate their professional loyalty and individual commitment to students.